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Why Choose OX


Our mission is to enable companies like you to leverage our skills in people relations, infrastructure management and process planning, execution and management, to achieve your long-term business goals.

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    Our highly responsive approach enables us to meet clients constant needs and challenges.

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    Our ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing technological landscape helps our clients to transform their businesses and stay ahead of their competition.

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    Our clients are assured of full visibility of status through regular updates and upfront, forthright reporting.

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    Client Approach

    Our transparent approach aimed at focusing on the best possible outcome for clients business.

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    Our efficient and effective execution of projects with a demonstrated flexibility to fast changing business needs.

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    Our ability to deliver projects on time, being accountable at all times and resolving problem areas early in all projects.

Giving Smartness, to your Business!

Leading Technology. Lasting Partnership. It’s our way of doing business. Our approach to work is based on the philosophy of following a complete customer focused strategy.

Our Services

We offer a range of services that cover permanent, contract and flexible on demand recruitment. Our team have enormous experience enabling the right solution for your needs. Whether your business need is to transform talent acquisition, hire permanent staff, or plug in the gaps around your workforce, we can adapt our services to meet your business needs.

First Class

Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services Division focuses on providing Business Solutions related to: contingent - no cure no pay retained - part payment in stages contained - contingent first, then final stages retained retingent - retained first, then final stages contingent.

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Project Outsourcing

In order for us to services our clients effectively we can also provide contract recruitment, allowing you to fill gaps, add talent for the short term, bolster knowledge, or simply hire staff on a temporary contractual basis. We can deliver most assignments within 24-72 hours Contract - hired on our payroll Direct - hired on your payroll Temp to perm - hired on our payroll and then converted when approved Access High-End industry leading Contract based Professionals

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Third Class

Staff Augmentation

One of the biggest challenges for any talent acquisition team is to save recruitment cost. Companies prefer to set up their internal talent team with a notion of saving cost. They spend money on permanent recruiters, job boards, networking portals, events etc. They don’t prefer going to external recruitment partners as due to higher fees structures. There are times when the internal talent acquisition teams are required to react to the business needs but fail to have capacity and resources to deliver – specifically hiring due to an urgent project, spikes in demand or other circumstances that lead to a resource shortage. The business may not have the funding to use external recruitment firms, nor the time to take on an RPO process, or expand the internal talent resourcing team, as this typically requires a large amount of effort in all cases. The client simply needs short term specialist help and security that they can handle the workload without dramatically increasing the cost to hire / time to hire.

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Fourth Training

Managed Services

We are very experienced in helping our clients transform talent acquisition processes, from greenfield strategy to brownfield improvements, restructuring and performance measurements. Some of our clients have included rapidly growing start-ups, international top tier banks, and various other high tech firms who are vulnerable to talent sourcing and retention.

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IT Services Support

IT Services Support

Data Analytics
Microsoft Technologies
Java Technologies
Unix/Linux and Middleware
Testing services
Desktop/Helpdesk/IT Support
Network Engineer/Support
Devops Consultants
Solution Architects
Project management / Business Analyst

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Our Staffing Process

Custom-built Centres of Excellence (CoE) comprising of skilled technology professionals and subject matter experts help companies eliminate knowledge deficits and add new competencies.

Customer Success After understanding customer project success goals, the individual team members’ criteria are jointly defined so that we align customer budget with market salary ranges.
Depth to Hiring Expertise Our technical recruiters are then assigned to identify talent that is aligned with the client work culture and the agreed client expectations.
Adding Breadth to the Search The recruiters then scan their internal databases, access job boards and educational institutions and leverage an active referral network of existing and past employees to shortlist suitable candidates.
Smart Technology Custom-developed algorithms are then run on the shortlisted candidates to generate highly relevant profiles and ensure that there are only a minimum number of profiles for the client to review.
Selection and Onboarding Once a candidate is selected, a background verification and reference check is done and recruiters stay in constant touch to ensure predictable joining. Parallelly, all client-specific onboard requirements are completed with the candidate.
Ongoing Team Management At the end of 30 days, newly onboarded employees are gauged for job satisfaction and comfort level with their immediate manager.

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